Fox News Anchor Shows his Disappointment after Obama Addresses G20 Summit

November 16, 2015 8:55 pm
Watching Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer speak after Barack Obama delivered a speech at the G20 Summit was quite profound.
You’ll see what I mean in the video below.
Hemmer sounds very disgruntled about what 44 has to say about radical Islam…
From WJ:
Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is in Paris to cover the G20 meeting; but on Monday, he also had a few words to say about how shocked he was that President Obama apparently failed to properly address the Paris terror attacks during his Monday morning press conference.
Hemmer doesn’t usually inject his opinion into his newscasts on Fox, but Obama’s press conference supposedly outraged him so much that he couldn’t help but respond to Obama.
Hemmer gravely began his remarks saying, “If you were waiting to hear a US President say, ‘I feel your pain’ or if you were waiting to hear a US President say, ‘It’s them or us,’ that is not what you just heard.”
How about that?
“If you were waiting to hear a US President say, ‘I feel your pain’” don’t hold your breath for too long, because it’s never going to happen.
Well, not from Obama at least.
What does Obama think is the worst threat facing the United States?
Chances he says climate change?
Very high.
January 20, 2017 is still a ways down the road, but hopefully we will replace the worst president in history with a man who can at least utter the words ‘radical Islam.’