Sunday, May 14, 2017

You know when the enemy is attacking, nagging and mocking, he generates fear and confusion. he generates an overall sense of guilt as if everything is wrong .Creates feeling of hopelessness and weakness. He attacks one's self-confidence, tells you that you're weak and worthless, replays your sins and shame and reminds you of your poor choices. Produces the feeling that God has rejected you as unworthy and unholy. Portrays God as Judge and you as a miserable sinner. Gives suggestions that cause you to withdraw from others. Tells you that the horrible way you feel is the way it is. He did all this to me, and has done it to many .). The conviction of the Holy Spirit is just the opposite!
He is gentle, loving, imploring and urges your return to Him. Tells you to take a specific action in response to sin; freedom follows. Say you can rely on His power, not your strength. Releases you from the past: tells you your sins are forgiven, never to be held against you. Generates an expectation of kindness, love and a new beginning with His help. Sends others to minister to you in love, as well as sends you to .others. Speaks of His unchanging nature and steadfast love. States the true facts about you and God! I'm certain you all can relate to All these words " Thank you, Father, in Jesus Holy name AMEN!

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