Tuesday, May 16, 2017

You have told me when I am weighed Down with sin. You did give. The strength for me to carry the weight of my sin; You came to carry it for me. Forgive me for not releasing all to you. Forgive me for hiding under the cold comfort of my guilt, when you want me to thrive in Your mercy and the light of your Love ,Forgive me for thinking that your sacrifice is good enough to get me into Heaven but powerless to make me a better person on this earth, please change many of my wrongs into Love , my content into compassion and my unreasonable expectations into unselfish acts of mercy . And please Forgive me, Lord , for thinking that to do your Will I need anything more than you have given - my own hands to extend love and kindness, my own feet to take where You want to Go and my own story of redemption to explain Your Will for the World. Forgive me for better circumstances, more talent, more time or a bigger budget. I want my life to be evidence of Your transforming Power! May I live every day in the awareness that I have everything I need to accomplish whatever You want me to do. Read Psalms 49:1-8,15 !"

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