Monday, May 15, 2017

Dreams can sometimes come true, life is like that for the followers of Christ. We live in an insecure dangerous world, filled with unpredictable challenges and unseen perils. Yet we have Joy because we know the one, who is strong enough to carry us through the churning waves of life that threaten to overwhelm us. The Psalmist wrote - " Let all those who rejoice who put their trust in You Lord! Let them ever shout for Joy, because You defend them; let those also who love Your Name be Joyful in You "( Psalm 5:11).
In the face of life's great dangers and challenges, we can know a joy borne out of our Trust in God. His strength is more than enough! Let us be so glad we have learned to trust thee precious JESUS, Saviour, and FRIEND, and know now that thou are always with us and will be to the end, for our Faith is stretched by exchanging our weaknesses for GOD'S STRENGTH -- Thank you Father, I pray for strength for All in JESUS HOLY NAME --AMEN

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