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ISIS Commander Meets With Hamas in Gaza | Pamela Geller

ISIS Commander Meets With Hamas in Gaza | Pamela Geller

ISIS Commander Meets With Hamas in Gaza

ByPAMELA GELLER on December 5, 2015
hamas is isis
Hamas is America is CAIR, MSA, and ISNA. Is it any wonder they are covering for the San Bernardino jihadis?
ISIS commander meets with Hamas in Gaza, Washington Times, December 5, 2015:
Shadi al-Menei, the commander of ISIS in the Sinai, is meeting with Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip to discuss ways that the terrorist groups can increase cooperation and coordinate attacks. There has been conflict between Sunni jihadis and Hamas previously in the Israeli territories of the West Bank and Gaza, as Islamic radicals want to continue to provoke Israel to attack, and Hamas has been more cautious. Now it seems those gloves are off and the two will be working together.
shadi menei
The Times of Israel reports Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s observation in his 2014 speech to the U.N. General Assembly “that ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree,” seems to be ringing true.
The paper reports that Hamas and ISIS are also discussing ways to increase arms smuggling in the area, including anti-tank rockets that the Sunni terror group has used to attack Israeli and Egyptian positions, including tanks and aircraft. The global coordination of terror organizations makes the danger to Western civilization all the more real.
In July, an Israeli general confirmed that the Israeli Defense Forces had “clear information” that Hamas was assisting ISIS in the Sinai, including through logistical support and arms smuggling. If Hamas can assist in the Sinai, it can assist bringing arms into the United States or Europe. The European and pacifist Left in the United States are dangerously flirting with disaster.

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