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BREAKING: Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone (UPDATED) -

BREAKING: Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone (UPDATED) -

BREAKING: Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone (UPDATED)

If true, this is a scenario that appears to pit the Obama White House against FBI Director James Comey over what reports suggest is an increasingly divisive conflict between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Jarrett and federal law enforcement officials regarding feared pending ISIS terror threats inside of the United States.
(ABOVE: Barack Obama is said to be “furious” with his FBI Director, James Comey.)

FBI Director Comey just finished a briefing to the American public. It was a briefing said to have required the full and prior approval by Valerie Jarrett of Director Comey’s public comments.
Apparently Comey initially balked at the direct influence of the White House upon the operational freedoms FBI Directors are normally granted. This response initiated counter-measures by Valerie Jarrett herself who then dispatched Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the public briefing.
Lynch’s role is alleged to be the Obama White House’s watchdog over FBI Director Comey’s statements and subsequent response following the most recent Islamic terrorist attack. The impetus for this scenario is said to be two-fold:
**Mr. Obama and Ms. Jarrett are increasingly concerned over anti-Muslim rhetoric not only among the general population and politicians, but among federal, state, and local law enforcement officials who are increasingly concerned further threats to public safety might very well be imminent. They want this tone “corrected” immediately.
**Barack Obama is said to have asked during an earlier meeting regarding the San Bernardino terrorist attack how best they, “control the message on this.” Jarrett operatives have apparently already reached out to and continue to then remind supportive media figures to describe San Bernardino as a “shooting” and not connect it to Islamic terror.
It seems the administration’s motivation will continue to demand the terror attack be used as yet another tool for further calls for federal gun control laws despite ever-increasing evidence the attack in San Bernardino was exclusively the result of Muslim terrorism. FBI Director James Comey appears increasingly unwilling to play along with the Obama White House’s insistence the actual terror threat be downplayed while the push for gun control be expanded.
UPDATE: Rumors now circulating that Barack Obama recently stood over Director Comey, who was seated at the time, and inquired whose side the FBI Director was on. Apparently the two men have been at odds for months, including Comey’s repeated repudiation of the Black Lives Matter movement and its highly negative impact upon law enforcement morale.
UPDATE #2: Watch the video below and see how tense FBI Director Comey appears at the outset. Then watch at the end of the video (app 6:00 mark) as the live feed is abruptly cut off when it gets to the question and answer portion. Both Lynch and Comey give their Jarrett -approved statements on the San Bernardino terror attack, and then the transmission is terminated thus ensuring no Americans can hear Mr. Comey’s non-Jarrett approved commentary.
NOTE: The original PBS News video that was posted earlier today was then subsequently EDITED in which the abrupt “cutting off” of the Comey question and answer request was removed. Other media outlets such as C-SPAN made the very same edit  likely at the request of the Obama  White House.
Here then is a still-unedited version. You can fast-forward to the six-minute mark and watch as Director Comey asks fir questions a voice from the back interjects and the video feed is abruptly terminated. The video then repeats itself and shows the edited version.
(Apologies for the low sound quality)

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