Interesting. Is Soros giving McCain marching orders?
Interesting. Is McCain taking his marching orders from evil nation destroyer George Soros?
Federal employees have been given a call to “arms” so to speak, to revolt against President Trump and his administration.
Jobs created under the Obama administration’s massive expansion of federal government representing the “special” interests of the Progressive Democrats and their leader George Soros.
New federal agencies created with the sole purpose of spreading propaganda, and enforcing thousands of new oppressive “regulations” with out so much as one vote of approval from Congress for such measures.
“Special interest” regulations that are unlawful and unconstitutional, and have made progressives such as Al Gore and the Clintons very rich with the policies like the Soros sponsored “green” movement. The “green movement” is nothing about “protecting the planet”, as traditional conservationists will testify.
Federal expansion into public education forces the dangerous Core Curriculum into every state education system. A curriculum designed to indoctrinate American children into compliance under their New World Order idealism which promotes open borders, of the United States.
New agencies created, employing thousands of Soros progressives to enforce these “policies” and “regulations” to do the will of the “puppet master,” and his fellow elitists like the Clintons and Obamas.
Obama created thousands of new federal jobs to support progressive "special" interests!
Obama created thousands of new federal jobs to support progressive “special” interests!
The biggest outrage is their tactics to disrupt and create chaos within the government are being conducted on paid time using federal resources; all funded by the hard working taxpayer. The taxpayer for whom federal employees work, regardless of personal political affiliation and idealism.
Apparently not any longer it appears, according to MSM reports including CNN.
Is this not illegal? Are not federal employees banned from political activities on paid time? And does not the Hatch Act forbid these activities along with use of social media by federal workers to promote political opinions, ideas and agendas?
Federal employees were caught tweeting anti-Trump messages, as reported by CNN, and refusing to perform their duties to serve the American people, refusing to follow the direct orders of the Commander-in-chief, and even threatening the life of the president by refusing to “take a bullet” for Trump, even though it is a sworn oath of secret service agents to do so.
The coded Soros messages began shortly after the election but hit hire gear a week before Trump was to swear his oath, and have not let up.  Beginning with a tweet from ex First Lady Michelle Obama calling for protests a day before the inauguration, as reported here.
Now the ex president himself is getting into the mix, stating he “expects” his “followers” including those working within the government to rise up in revolt.
According to CNN, Obama issued his statement last week shortly after President Trump enforced a preexisting law to ensure stricter enforcement of immigration for 90 days, as reported by CNN.
What is going on? This type of behavior from a former president and first lady is unheard of before in American history.  To openly call for disruption and chaos among the rank and file federal employees and the masses is a form of treason against the Unites States government. Especially during the most vulnerable period of transitioning the government to a new administration, one chosen and  elected by the people.
Obama’s term is over and he no longer has the authority over US policies, foreign or domestic. There is a reason previous former presidents relinquish that authority and respect election results.
They mostly remain neutral on domestic issues and foreign policy.  With the exception of Progressive Democrat, Jimmy Carter, most do not “meddle” into or openly attempt to undermine and disrupt the policies of a seated President.
The right of the American people to stand against an oppressive and tyrannous government is protected under the Constitution. A government who has exceeded its power under the Constitution and stripped the people of their God given rights, imposing illegal and oppressive measures outside of law.
But those working within the government are held to a different standard, one of neutrality. Obama’s calling for this kind of insubordination is no different than a “coup” to overthrow a democratically elected president witnessed in third world countries.
Federal employees protesting Congress to its job. Why don't you do your JOB!!!
Federal employees protesting Congress to its job. Why don’t you do your JOB!!!
These activities are not a protected right, and this type of resistance within the government is defined as treason; activities which put the very nation at risk. Is that their agenda? To topple the existing form of government, replacing it with their own autocratic rule forced upon the populace?
These are valid questions to ask about such activities. Well organized activities that oppose the legally voiced will of the people and ones the Founders would decry at the tops of their voices.
President-elect Trump ran on a clear platform stating his vision for the country, and the actions he would take if elected. The people voted for that vision, rejecting the platform the Progressive Dems and dethroned Queen Hillary presented to the American people.
It is clear President Trump is a man of his word; taking the actions he promised the American people. Can you imagine the outrage of MSM if these activities were occurring against a Hillary administration?
Yet the MSM fan the flames of insubordination and violent protests endangering the lives of innocent people. Activities promoted and funded by Soros “non profit” organizations.
Free elections are what this country is ruled by, not the agendas of a few elitists and their followers wishing to impose personal beliefs onto the masses, enslaving them to a “system” and idealism rejected by the people.
Beliefs largely held by the predominantly progressive, and vastly populated states like California and New York. The states whose leaders would throw out the electoral college in order to dominate the smaller states, stripping them of their voice and their rights of self governance.
The removal of the electoral college system is one of the agendas of Progressive Democrats. The very system the  Founders created to prevent this type of tyranny from ever happening.
Why are some members of the republican party responding to this “call” of rebellion and insubordination?
From left, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. sit on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2013, before President Barack Obama's State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress . (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, Pool)
GOP RINOS McCain and Graham just love agreeing with Progressives like Schumer!
GOP RINOs such as John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have been undermining conservative causes for decades. Traitors within their own party only concerned with their own “special Interests.”  Driven by greed and self-interest to usurp the power from the people and hand it over to the UN while lining their own pockets.
So how is it they remain in their elected seats as republicans? How is it they remain members of the GOP when their actions are in direct conflict with the very basic  idealism of the party? Money and manipulation.
Running as one type of candidate pandering to the populace, then once elected supporting the  policies and idealism of the “special interest” cash cows who fill campaign coffers with billions of dollars to do their bid, not the peoples’.
What started out as small, limited federal government of public service, with only a couple of agencies, has grown into a giant gorilla bully filled with cushy federal jobs. Jobs with salaries, retirement funds and health benefits that far exceed the average private sector jobs average taxpayers wor. And let’s not forget the poor pay and benefits allotted to the very men and women who keep these “fat cats” safe and free, those serving or have previously served in the military.
Federal agencies and millions of jobs created for one purpose. To promote and force the wills of “special interest” elitists who have one goal:
To subjugate the entire human race into servitude to a few.
It is not only time to “drain the swamp” but to disembowel this giant gorilla and return the federal government to its intended purposes as outlined by the founders; to defend these United States as a whole from foreign invasion and to oversee commerce. All else needs to be returned to the authority of the states.