Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dennis Osullivan

As I wake its hard to realize, what I went through yesterday, having that micro tube inserted in my vein in my arm right up to my chest!

But the Spirit has woke me this morning, with a word (Hidden away) and Psalm 119 gave me instructions, for All - on how to follow God by Hiding His Word in our hearts. 

In this way we arm ourselves when temptation comes (v11 EPHESIANS 6:17). Then as we meditate on His Word, we become to know Him better.

Finally, when we have His Word etched in our minds, we are better to hear His voice, when He instructs and guides us. 

We use those phrases of scripture as we talk with Him, worship Him, and teach our witness to others - Col 3:16). The Word of God is "living and powerful "(Heb 4:12 ). 

Hide it's precious words away in[your] Hearts "Psalms 119:11). Where they will always be with you. 

We pray and give thanks "Lord your word is a treasure, priceless and beyond compare, we want and need to saturate them into our minds and hearts, always use your Word in obvious ways in our lives each day AMEN! 

When His Word is hidden in our hearts, His ways will become our ways "! Love ya Jesus, I pray for All Amen!"

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