Tuesday, January 31, 2017

TRUNEWS Trump White House Update: 01/31/17

TRUNEWS Trump White House Update: 01/31/17

TRUNEWS Trump White House Update: 01/31/17

January 31, 2017

This is the January 31st Trump White House press update reported through TRUNEWS correspondent Edward Szall

(VERO BEACH, FLA) Week two of the Make America Great Again administration is in full swing, and President Trump has decided for today to be his call for action for increasing U.S. cyber security.


8:30AM - The President received his daily intelligence briefing in the Oval Office

9:00AM - The President and the Vice President met with representatives from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) in the Oval Office.

Representatives present included:

Mr. Robert A. Bradway, Amgen; PhRMA Board of Directors

Mr. Joaquin Duato, Worldwide Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson; PhRMA Board of Directors

Mr. Kenneth C. Frazier, Merck; PhRMA Federal Committee

Mr. Robert J. Hugin, Celgene; PhRMA Public Affairs Committee

Mr. Joseph Jimenez, Novartis; PhRMA Board of Directors

Mr. David A. Ricks, Eli Lilly

Mr. Stephen J. Ubl, PhRMA

Chairman Greg Walden (OR-02), U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce

President Trump focused on the need to bring down drug costs, but promised to reduce regulations. He encouraged the companies present to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

POTUS said:

“We're going to be cutting regulations at a level nobody's ever seen before. And we're going to have tremendous protection for the people, maybe more protection. I'll oppose anything that makes it harder for smaller, younger companies to take the risk of bringing their product to a vibrantly competitive market. that includes price-fixing by the biggest dog in the market, Medicare, which is what's happening. But we can increase competition and bidding wars, big time. So what I want, we have to get lower prices, we have to get even better innovation and I want you to move your companies back into the United States. And I want you to manufacture in the United States. We're going to be lowering taxes, we're going to be getting rid of regulations that are unnecessary.”

10:30AM - The President met with Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus in the Oval Office

12:30PM - The President is set to have lunch with Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the Presidential Dining Room

12:45PM - The Vice President participates in the Senate Republican Policy Lunch, followed by private meetings with individual lawmakers on Capitol Hill

2:00PM - The President will hold a listening session with cyber security experts in the Roosevelt Room

3:15PM - The President signs an Executive Order from the Oval Office. The order will be in relation to increasing cyber security.

According to a pool report on pre-briefing from White House officials, President Trump’s order will make each cabinet official responsible for securing information and data in his or her agency. The order will also assign the Office of Management and Budget to look at broader government-wide security and prepare for an upgrade of federal systems and direct the United States to be committed to working to ensure networks it does not control including the Internet and the electrical system, are protected and that the government prepares for the possibility they are compromised.

The executive order further directs the secretary of Homeland Security and other agency heads to engage with the owners and operators of the most essential of critical infrastructure entities. The goal of this engagement is to develop ways to protect the entities from catastrophic cyber incidents and respond to those incidents that nevertheless do occur.

It also directs the Department of Commerce, the Department of Defense among other related agencies to take a number of initial steps to advance the cyber security of our nation's critical infrastructure, consider ways of deterring adversaries, and to promote and open, valuable internet.

8:00PM - The President will announce his nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States from the East Room

This will be given during prime time, and likely streamed through Facebook Live. The tweet announcing this move was sent out during the prime block of the morning news cycle.

The next TRUNEWS Trump transition press update will be on Facebook Live at 11:30 EST on February 1st, 2017, and this report will be published around 1:00 PM EST.

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