Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How do you know you are on the NARROW WAY? You know you are on that way, when you no longer LOVE and WANT the things the world offers: family, friends, idols of possessions, having a "life", wanting and seeking the success you can achieve in your given field, fulfilling your dreams in this world, and goals......This is because you are what Jesus said when he said, "If any wish to follow me, he must deny himself and follow me." and "You must hate even your own life for my sake," and "If any loves their family more than me, they are not worthy of me." and "If any gives up family house and home for my sake, he will by no means loose his reward".
You see, the one who has FOUND JESUS FOR REAL walks this path where these things no longer captivate him and consume his mind like they do the unbelievers....That is why he walks the narrow way, and no longer puts these things first in his life....Of corse he attends to his responsibilities, and loves his wife, and brings up Godly children as the apostles talked about to the believers in their letters, but he does not do this like the unbelievers anymore, rather he puts FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and the cares of life are no longer his concern, for the Lord provides for him, so he needs to have no doubts but faith in the provision of God who provides for all those who obey and follow Jesus....
BUT if you WANT the things of this life more than anything: family, friends, a good time, certain possessions, success and goals in the works of this life and your talents, and strive after them, then you know you certainly are on the BROAD path with everyone else and are consumed by the CARES OF THIS LIFE, that will certainly choke out any little faith you may have, and render it dead and lifeless.....

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