Thursday, August 7, 2014

Egypt Prepares To Turn Its Guns On Hamas And ISIS (VIDEO) |

Egypt Prepares To Turn Its Guns On Hamas And ISIS (VIDEO) |

Egypt Prepares To Turn Its Guns On Hamas And ISIS (VIDEO)

Reader, please understand this is much bigger news than will likely be reported elsewhere.  Remember, Egypt was until recently, a pro-Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood regime, having come to that disturbing result with aid from the Obama administration.  The Obama White House continues to indicate “concern” over how Egyptian military officials kicked out the extremist Muslim Brotherhood – the very organization Valerie Jarrett has strong ties to in Washington D.C.  With Egypt now indicating it is prepared to open fire on both Hamas and ISIS should they threaten its borders, the North African nation is also positioning itself opposite the Middle East goals of the Obama regime as well.  
Unlike the quick to flee Iraqi military, Egypt’s forces are well trained, and far more dedicated to defending the nation.  Both ISIS and Hamas would face an opponent more than capable of fighting back.  Interestingly, the current animosity between the current Egyptian government and Islamic militant groups surrounding its borders has made it a seemingly closer ally to Israel than Israel is to the United States and the Obama administration.
What this brief video that does a credible job of succinctly outlining the situation, and please share with others you think would benefit with knowing how some in the Middle East are now aligning themselves against both Islamic militants, and the Obama White House:

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